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Our Advantage

“Our Advantage” is best known as implementing a turnkey systems development process that ensures client satisfaction and customer retention. As a standard practice, customer feedback, industry trends and state-of-the-art technology are incorporated into annual software releases tailored for each client. Using the process shown, ThoughtSpan Enterprise Solutions benefit from customer participation that ensures next generation applications are market driven, robust and easy to use.


RequirementsThoughtSpan works closely with you to fully understand project requirements for your implemenation, including business objectives, current processes and strategic challenges.

Contract & Proposal

Contract & RequirementsFor your installation of compliance software, ThoughtSpan crafts a tailored relationship to meet your needs, including:

  • Software and user license needs
  • Maintenance package, entitling you to all software upgrades and bug fixes
  • Service level agreement that clearly defines support and roles
  • Cost estimate for custom development

SpecificationsThoughtSpan teams with you to identify and gather all necessary specifications for your installation. This process, critical to project success, is accomplied thanks to ThoughtSpan’s unique experience and expertise in translating even complex business processes and requirements into our compliance framework.


DevelopmentThoughtSpan’s developers create your tailored compliance software, including software configuration and custom code. In every step of the process, project managers make certain all functional requirements are met by keeping you informed of progress and clarifying business process questions.


Quality Assurance & User Acceptance TestsThoughtSpan’s quality assurance personnel review and validate your customized compliance solution, ensuring functionality and business processes. After the software passes this quality assurance process, ThoughtSpan deploys your customized compliance software for User Acceptance Testing. During the UAT phase, ThoughtSpan develops training materials and documentation customized for your solution, including a knowledge transfer of system operations.

Production Deployment

Production DeploymentA final release of your compliance software is installed and deployed for production use. ThoughtSpan provides all support necessary to deploy the solution successfully and then continues to closely monitor the application to identify any issues and respond proactively and immediately.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing SupportAfter production implementation, ThoughtSpan supports the installation based on the negotiated Service Level Agreement and provides software updates covered by the maintenance agreement at no cost to you. Furthermore, because of ever-changing software needs, ThoughtSpan maintains close communications with you to determine required system enhancements.