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Asset and Component Tracking


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Comprehensive. Efficient. User Focused.

Take control of your assets while improving productivity.

Does your organization need to track assets and components? Are data security and an audit trail critical to your business? ThoughtSpan’s Asset and Component Tracking system is designed to simplify the maze of increasing regulation. Utilizing a simple web-based user-interface, our Asset and Component Tracking empowers your organization with enhanced asset control and oversight while improving productivity through collaboration.

Based on Industry Standard Compliance Tools

ThoughtSpan Technology’s web-based Asset and Component Software includes our industry standard case management platform. This foundation contains user-friendly core modules for asset tracking including a full audit trail, asset type specific workflows, enhanced component linking, and more. Our framework is installed in managing numerous processes in the world’s highest regulatory and compliant settings.

Asset and Component TrackingThoughtSpan Asset and Component Tracking Software makes it easy to:

  • Manage large numbers of assets and underlying components including their relationship to each other.
  • Collaborate efficiently across the organization.
  • Centralize information from external sources.
  • Analyze inventory trends based on pre-defined or ad-hoc rules.
  • Reduce IT and operating costs through consolidation and efficiency.
  • Record activities.
  • Record time spent working on an item.
  • Gain real-time insights into your organization’s operations and performance.
  • Create robust reports to help you plan, analyze, and document your business processes.