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Occupational Licensing Solutions


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ENS™ improves public safety in regulated environments by empowering employers with real-time information and notifications.

Regulations Simplified. Real-time. Flexible.

Manage the life-long occupational licensing process – efficiently and accurately!

Managing the entire licensing lifecycle in today’s ever changing regulatory environments requires sophisticated technology. ThoughtSpan’s Occupational Licensing Solutions offers you a powerful web-based solution that tracks history from initial licensing to continuing education to investigations and more. Supported by our experienced experts, your personalized solution will streamline processes in a user-friendly setting both for staff and the public.

What do our customers say?

“The ThoughtSpan system automated processes that were previously manual and paper-based involving multiple parties. This new system provided electronic web-based components for all parties to easily and efficiently submit the necessary information, reducing our cycle times from days to literally minutes in most cases.”
IS Manager, Board of Nursing

Based on Industry Standard Regulatory Tools

ThoughtSpan Technology’s Occupational Licensing Solutions include our industry standard case management platform. This foundation contains user-friendly core modules for licensing management including a full audit trail, online applications, document management, payment processing and more. Our framework is widely used to track complex licensing requirements in the world’s highest regulatory and compliant settings.

Occupational Licensing SolutionsThoughtSpan Occupational Licensing Solutions make it easy to:

  • Manage large numbers of licenses and license types.
  • Service the public with easy-to-use, efficient online applications such as initial licensure, renewal, and license verification.
  • Efficiently coordinate and manage investigations and monitoring.
  • Empower and assist employer compliance while generating revenue.
  • Integrate with external data sources and feeds.
  • Collaborate efficiently across the organization.
  • Gain real-time insights into your organization’s operations and performance utilizing a robust report and dashboard generation suite.